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Don't Give Up!

So you think you are destined for greatness? So you think you – your life – is replete with those indices that point to an eventual great life? But here you are, you don't seem closer to greatness today than you were yesterday, last month or a year ago. You don't even seem to be moving in the right direction. You are confused and your conviction is gradually ebbing away. You feel you have lost your mojo, your zeal and your verve.  You are no longer motivated. You are feeling low – like you've hit rock bottom. 
So, are you just going to throw in the towel? Are you just going to give up? Are you just going to call it quits? 
Have you not read the stories of those great people that came before you? Have you not noticed they experienced what you are experiencing now at different stages of their lives on their way to greatness? Do you not see that the greats also had to overcome their many obstacles? 
You may rest but quitting will only take you back to where you started, not …


Recently, I was busy on my father's farm. While I worked, I got an insight I felt I should share with you — my friends. 
A weed is any plant growing in cultivated ground to the injury of a crop or desired vegetation, or to the disfigurement of the place; an unsightly, useless, or injurious plant. A weed is simply an unwanted plant in an unwanted place. 
Weeding is the act of removing unwanted vegetation from a cultivated area. 
Like I said earlier on, I recently had to weed ridges of corn and yams. While I carried out the activity, my mind was engaged in deep thoughts which gave birth to this piece. 
Our lives are like cultivated areas where we plant different persons and things in a bid for us to have a desirable harvest of a fulfilled life accompanied with many good things.
However, as was the case on my father's farm, weeds find their way into our lives. This is mostly as a result of the environment in which we find ourselves. Weeds are mostly peculiar to an environment (g…

Avoid Potential Depression

Avoid Potential Depression
Potential is such a dangerous thing to have – Àdìó Olanrewaju

Right from birth, every one of us possesses inherent potentials, usually referred to as talents and gifts. As we begin to grow, these potentials begin to manifest in our life. These innate gifts begin to come to the fore. For instance, some people discover they can run faster than others or are better at specific sports than the average individual. Some find out that they are faster at grasping concepts or that they easily excel others when it comes to academics.

Over time, the world – people around us – begins to notice our potentials. It is not uncommon to hear people say things like: since when he was a kid, we knew he would be a great artist, footballer, performer, etc. This is because some, if not most people, begin to show flashes of their inherent talent from a young age.

When our talents and gifts start to draw attention, more often than not, it comes with expectations on the part of the pe…


Finally! At long long last, I now own a blog too. Better late than never.